G - Gauge Signal Systems

The Large Scale train community has not had the type of signal systems that have been available for other gauges.  We have either had to use LGB which is purely European  or Life-like which is toy-like and not very weather resistant.  While reading a copy of Garden Railways, I came across an ad from the Shiloh Signal Company.  I had used their products when I modeled in HO gauge with excellent results and now they are building signals for Large Scale.  I sent away for their catalog and was pleasantly surprised with the number of products they list for sale.
       Shiloh signals have been reviewed in several Large Scale publications and the write up has been positive in all respects.  I quote Garden Railways from October 1997:  "Shiloh Signals continues to produce it's line of high quality, hand built signals for large scale model railroads.  Built primarily of brass and finished in silver and black (also available in black only), the unit is suitable for outdoor use.  If your layout represents class one operation anytime from the 1920's on and lacks signals, you had better contact Shiloh!!"
       As mentioned, these units are custom made by hand out of brass, including ladders and maintenance platforms.  They use bright LED'S which provides for excellent outdoor viewing.  They are completely weatherproof and are very simple to wire with recommended voltage being 12 volts DC.
       Shiloh produces signals to match almost every American prototype that exists.  They have single head searchlight signals, Pennsy yellow position light, B&O or N&W colored position light, "Santa Fe type" searchlight, NYC "Triangle" colored light and standard two or three indicator signals similar to what you see on the old ACL or Seaboard right of way.  For the more ambitious, they have two color single head searchlight signals which change from red to green depending upon whether they are fed positive or negative DC voltage.        
       These signals come as single mast, short mast, dwarf, cantilevered bridge or signal bridge mounted.  Shiloh also produces grade crossing signals (both modern and vintage), crossbucks, mileposts, whistle posts, derail signs, snow boards and yard limit signs.  They also sell systems to control grade crossing flashers, and two light or three light signals.  These control devices can be installed in a prototypical looking relay cabinet made by Shiloh.
       I have purchased and will be installing some dual head searchlight signals on my railroad, along with detection circuits.  I will write a report on how well this went in a future newsletter.  The manufacturer recommends that you drill a 7/32" hole into a piece of pressure treated wood, insert the signal, and place the block of wood below grade level to anchor the signal into position.  He also provides excellent wiring diagrams, and has an illustrated 4 page instruction sheet that comes with the detection system.
       I highly recommend this line of products, having been able to see and experiment with the units.  Shiloh Signals can be contacted at or 145 East Blvd, Gloversville, NY   12078 (518) 773-3087.  If you order, you are probably looking at about 30 to 60 days before you receive your signals.  Mark has a lot of orders to fill, and this time of year is his "busy season" especially for outdoor layouts.


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