The battery and sound board were installed in the fuel tank, along with a sliding on/off switch and the charging jack.  This is a tight fit, but everything went into place..   I installed the remote volume switch on the rear underside of the locomotive.  Wires from the speaker and the remote volume switch were run through a hole in the floor to the battery box.

       To put the body shell back together, I built a small hook out of wire.  This allows me to pull the sides out on the body shell without breaking off any detail when re-installing.

             All wires were hooked up and the body shell was re-installed.  The fuel tank was left unattached and the loco was put on rollers to set the sound options according to Sierra's instruction manual.
             A reed switch was attached to the right bottom of the fuel tank to control the horn
And the fuel tank was re-attached to the bottom of the locomotive.

Wiring for speaker and remote volume switch.
Note on/off switch and charging jack.
Hook amde from scrap wire.
Using the hook to re-attach body shell.
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