Aristo Turnout Motors

   The Aristo turnout motor uses a small can motor geared to the
throwbar.  The motor does not snap as fast an LGB motor, but is also
does not draw as much current as the LGB unit does.  The motor is
protected by a limit switch and a pair of diodes so that if  power is
applied to the motor and does not shut off, the motor will not burn
out.  If you apply AC power to the Aristo motor by accident, it will
move back and forth continuously letting you know that there is a
problem.  If you do this to an LGB switch motor, it will burn up
    It is important to keep the motor clean and dry.  Dirt, oil or even
graphite lubricant on the pc board and limit switch will prevent the
unit from operating properly.  Do not lubricate the throwbar!!!  Make
sure the three screws on the bottom of the motor housing are not over
tightened.  Do not tighten the screw that connects the motor throwbar to
the turnout throwbar.  This screw sticks up and looks like it needs to
be tightened.  Leave it alone!!!
    Use clear silicone on all screws and openings to prevent water from
leaking into the case,  Aristo recommends using rubber cement for this
purpose.  Be sure to cover all screw terminals after hooking up the
wires with clear silicone or rubber cement to prevent any moisture